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Gabriel earned his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech in 1997.  While working in the architecture profession, he continued to explore painting and collage on canvas and in sketchbooks.  His sketchbook work exemplifies his interest in creating abstract environments inhabited by fictional characters and iconography.  Found images are reshaped, reformed and adorned with paint and pattern – displacing them from their former context.

Pons writes:

“My paintings are the sum of parts – pieces of the visual environment which I collect, catalog, alter, and re-present.  Our culture is conditioned to react to visual cues, from traffic signs to internet icons and avatars.  I enjoy rearranging this visual language into something new – an environment where time and space are restructured and infinite.

Crossing Genres: The Revolution Will Now Be Improvised

“The creative process for me is one of consumption, reflection, and reconstruction.  The theme of crossing genres seems quite fitting when the intent of the majority of my work (especially the collages) is to engage the viewer such that they feel displaced into a new and hybrid visual space.

“Through the juxtaposition of form, imagery, and text, I am able to cross-reference pop culture icons with historic figures; ancient architectures with contemporary urban landscapes.  It is hoped that through these explorations, the viewer can ask questions regarding their own frame of reference.”

PONSHOP Studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop

Artist’s Work

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